By The Tommy Show

The rules are simple:  We’ll give you FIVE questions. We’ll give Kelly FIVE questions. If you get more questions right than Kelly, you win $100. We will give you FRESH 4-Pack of Papa Johns just for playing.


1. Even Tiger Woods girlfriend has to do random drug testing, even if she is wearing a designer dress. It happens when you’re planning on competing again in the Olympics.

2. What Hollywood star wouldn’t be flattered to star in a James Bond film? But this former Tom Cruise girlfriend will be the oldest bond girl in history.

3. It’s one thing to get broken up with over the phone, it’s another when it’s this Olympic swimmer’s girlfriend and he’s doing it for his reality show.

4. She may not be pregnant, but this A-ROD ex is sporting a prosthetic baby bump. You can relax it’s just for her upcoming movie.

5. A new report on the health in our area shows that of the three states, this state has the biggest waistlines, and it’s slowly getting worse.

Want to go up against Kelly for your shot to win $100?  Give us a call 877-947-0947 every morning around 7:10!

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