by Tommy McFLYBy Tommy McFly

Being asked to speak at the graduation of your alma mater is something that doesn’t happen everyday. 

When I was asked to be part of this year’s commencement at Luzerne County Community College in my hometown, I thought it was a daunting task but something I was incredibly excited to take on. 

D.C. has been my home for more than seven years, and I have grown in ways that the 20-year-old Tommy McFLY would have never been able to comprehend.

Growing up (which is still a work in progress), making friends, career moves, relationships, adopting a dog, and yes, learning to do laundry, barely scratches the surface of the transformation.  Getting to give the commencement speech was a way of bringing things full circle. 

Coming from a community college and moving to a land of prestigious institutions, there is a sense of insecurity when people ask, “where did you go to school?” Not to mention when Washingtonians start degree-wagging and talking about their business schools, Masters degrees and double majors. 

Part of the process was not giving a rip about that and realizing they were probably also up to their eyeballs in student loans.  Community college was an incredible path for me.  I am proud of my education.

Where does one start when writing such an important address? How much is too much ‘life expertise’ and would they think I’m credible? 

The commencement speech was a blend of your advice, which I shamelessly solicited on the show last week, quoting others I admire (Dr. Seuss, my dad, Kelly Collis, Ellen Degeneres etc.) trolling the Internet for facts, and of course, poking fun at former professors. 

I hope you like it and possibly find a piece of inspiration — no matter if you’re 20, 40 or 60, a high school grad or Masters grad — these are some things that have become extremely evident to me over the last seven years. 

Oh, and of course our The Tommy Show motto, “Get involved!”

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