by Tommy McFLYBy Tommy McFly

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is one of the few events where pop stars mingle with D.C.’s power players, where movie makers meet wonks and when everyone’s Facebook profile changes with the biggest name they bagged for a photo.

Present company included.

The dinner’s actual purpose is to raise funds and award scholarships for young people who want to become journalists, but can’t afford an education.

The White House Correspondents’ Association President and Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry made it clear this year would be different. The focus would shift from train wrecks like Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians, to the true mission of the weekend.

That being said, the star wattage was still fairly high. 

From Bon Jovi and Katy Perry to Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg, the stars hit the red carpet, the pre-parties, the dinner (where Pres. Obama served up some well-timed jokes) to the tighter-than-usual after parties’ lists.

by:Tommy McFLY

by:Tommy McFLY

The Tommy Show chatted with the cast of “Nashville” at ABC’s pre-party in a beautiful clear tent outside of the Washington Hilton.  “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace — who is a huge fan of the show — told Hayden Panettiere, “I love it … you’ve slept with everyone on that show.” 

She laughed politely. 

In fairness, her character, Juliette Barnes, does have her fair share of “male friends,” but I had no follow-up to Wallace’s comments.

by:Tommy McFLY

by:Tommy McFLY

We spotted Rebel Wilson of “Bridesmaids,” “Pitch Perfect” and now “Pain and Gain” fame in The Washington Post pre-party. That’s where Fresh Artist Katy Perry was gracious enough to grab a quick pic. 

She looked very classy in a long green dress, simple curls and no cupcake bra (that we could tell).

by:Tommy McFLY

by:Tommy McFLY

While the dinner took place, new media powerhouse BuzzFeed hosted its own BBQ at Jack Rose Dining Saloon.  This was one of the most desired tickets of the weekend.

Inside, women in their ball gowns, men in tuxes and some hipsters in trucker hats, slugged back free drinks and cook-out-food, while C-SPAN’s dinner coverage played on giant screens.  There was no hearing the pre-show commentary because a DJ spun TRL style throwbacks and current hits. 

It. Got. Dance-y.

Once the dinner let out, guests who still had a hankering to party made their way to several after-parties. 

Vanity Fair always hosts a celeb-only shindig at an ambassador’s residence. 

MSNBC boasts a slightly looser-listed gathering … with this year’s at the Italian Embassy.  The party went well into Sunday with Rachel Maddow pouring stiff drinks behind the bar, which might have been the cause of “Modern Family’s” Eric Stonestreet showing of his moves on the dance floor. 

Gayle King from “CBS This Morning” rolled up well after 2 a.m. As a fellow morning person, that’s going to make Monday extra rough. 

Capitol File Magazine once again kept the night moving with its annual party celebrating the publication’s “Power Issue.” “House of Card’s” Kevin Spacey is on the cover. 

White House staffers and D.C. socialites blended with celebs while popping into the photo booth, enjoying the gaming lounge and gawking at the BMWs parked out front. 

As guests stumbled to their taxis or town-cars-on-demand, a caravan of food trucks were ready to hand out late-night bites.

My evening ended way too late, feeding deer Pop Chips from the capfile swagbag at the edge of the woods on Massachusetts Avenue.


Brendan Kownacki contributed to this report.

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