by Tommy McFLYBy Tommy McFly

It looked like a lot of people had the very same 1:05 p.m. “meeting” I did on Wednesday.

For a midday, mid-week baseball game, Nats Park was absolutely packed, and the brews were flowing. Responsibly.

I’ve been wondering though, what is the etiquette for things that come flying through the air from the field … whether it’s balls, bats or rolled up T-shirts?

I was sitting in my seats with my good friend … a beautiful young lady in a striking red Nats dress. Next to us were four middle aged dudes, two of which were wearing Cardinals jerseys!

During the 7th inning stretch while “Take on Me” played, Screech and some of the Nationals street team came out to toss some swag. A rolled up Nats shirt came sailing our way and landed at Jessica’s feet. 

One of the guys dove and snatched the shirt off of her foot.

Is the etiquette to give the shirt to the lady, especially when you’re rooting for the other team? Or is it really that much of a Viking, every-man-for-themselves mentality when swag flies?

Then the four men left in the 8th Inning because, I assume, the Cards had it in the bag (which apparently they did, cause they won 4-2)


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