How To Not Hate Your Ex…

by Taylor Shay

You’re just waiting for your turn in the checkout line at Giant, wondering if you should buy that tabloid magazine to find out how Kourtney Kardashian really lost all that baby weight, when you see orange tic tacs.

He loves orange tic tacs.

You realize you haven’t talked to him in a long time and wonder how he’s doing.

For just a second, you forget how much better your life has been without him.

You get in the car and Katy Perry, “Part Of Me,” is on the radio. Seriously?! That song is the conclusion to a five-year chunk of your life.

The irony.

“So you can keep the diamond ring, it don’t mean nothing anyway. In fact you can keep everything.”

“I fell deep, you let me down.”

“Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows, but you’re never going to break my soul…”

Yes! All of that! Suddenly, he’s taking up space in your brain that you evicted him from months ago. All the reasons you hate his existence come flooding back.

You have at least nine Taylor Swift albums worth of material.

If your new, amazing boyfriend, new found freedom, successful career, great new friends and ability to laugh and enjoy life again aren’t good enough reasons to not hate his guts, then read this interview with Tristan Prettyman in OK! Magazine.

She was engaged to Jason Mraz and had a very public break up of their relationship, and then her heart.

She has amazing insight on how to deal with heartbreak without crumbling, how to be the bigger person and how to become a better person because of it.

“Turn it into GOLD! Your story, your feelings, your experience, they are all yours, and they are valid. And chances are, someone, somewhere is experiencing the same things. So don’t be afraid to share…when we take our crap, and turn it into something beautiful, we are also cleaning out our house…to make for something new and beautiful to enter.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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