On Friday morning, 94.7 Fresh FM loaded up its van and headed to the scene of the crime, only this time to get the girls of Girl Scout Troop 5819 a trip to Walt Disney World.

Last Sunday, the troop was in front of the Five Guys in Waldorf, Md., selling cookies when a man and woman attacked them and tried to steal the money they had been collecting.

When troop leader Shelli Harris was shoved from the booth, she went into “supermom mode” and tried to protect her girls. She saved the money and her girls, but was injured in the process.

Last week the girls were on track to raise enough money to make a trip to Disney World in Florida, but because of that incident, they had to stop selling cookies.

Friday was the deadline for all girls to stop selling and to turn their money back into Girl Scout Headquarters. As of Thursday night, they were still $3,000 short of the goal.

Girl Scouts of America gave the girls an additional 24 hours to sell what they had left to raise money for the trip.

The Tommy Show decided to get involved, and met the troop at 6 a.m. Friday to mobilize the Fresh Family. We had family members sit in their car for more than 45 minutes just to make a donation. We had dads, daughters, service men and women, fellow Girl Scouts of all ages, a dentist, people on their way to work and even people who heard it in bed, joined us to show their support.

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No one picks on Girl Scouts in our community and gets away with it!

I overheard one mom tell her four-year-old daughter, “these are the brave girl scouts I was telling you about.” That same woman bought four cases (48 boxes) of cookies to send to her husband stationed overseas.

In just two hours, the troop sold most of their cookies and called in reinforcements. With donations from groups like The UPS Store in Tysons who made a generous donation of $500 worth of cookies, we cleared most of the inventory by 8 a.m. And with people making pledges and PayPal donations, the girls have nearly made their goal.

A HUGE thank you Fresh Family!


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