Open Up Your Heart & Good Things Will Follow

By Darik Kristofer

When you open up your heart and make peace with yourself and others, it’s amazing what comes into your life.  

I experienced this first hand recently. My experience was inspiring and it readjusted how I saw everything.

94.7 Fresh FM listener Barbara E. put it best when she said, “God, Creator, Buddha, what ever you call the power within that is greater than yourself comes in greater quantity the more peace you have with yourself and allows you to share that peace with others.”

I do not claim to be a wise man and my friends can tell you that my moods, at times, resemble that of a crotchety old man . However, what I’ve learned in my journey through life is that we are in a continual process of learning and evolving.  

What I do know is that it’s better to live with peace in your heart and to accept what life gives to you. When you do, good things will come your way and the right people will be there.

As I see it, we have two choices in life: We can make a concerted  effort on a daily basis to approach life in a positive way through love and happiness, or we can be entrenched in our fear and cynicism.  I choose  love and happiness.

So far, so good.

I know that many of you reading this have experienced exactly what I’m talking about and that you embrace it.   I also know that some of you some of you will pass up the chance to internalize what I’m saying. I realize that’s your prerogative and I respect that you may not believe what I’m saying.

At least consider the possibility that good things are bound to happen to you when you’re READY for them.  And perhaps you have more power than you thought you had to make them happen.  

When you learn to let go of fear, hatred, and open up your heart to the possibilities I’m convinced good things will come your way.

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