The Chris Brown-Rihanna ‘Relationship’ is NOT Love

By Darik Kristofer

Let me start off by saying that I appreciate Chris Brown and Rihanna as artists. I like their music, I listen to it, I sing along to it and I respect their talent.

However, what I do NOT respect is the way they conduct their relationship.  In what could be the most dysfunctional relationship outside of Bobby and Whitney, Chris Brown and Rihanna represent everything antithetical to love.

They have proven time and time again that they are  incapable of expressing real love to one another and it’s obvious in their behavior.

Must I provide examples?

After all, doesn’t love start with RESPECTING YOURSELF followed by a mutual respect of one another?

According to sources, Breezy and RiRi are getting married this summer. To me, this is the worst mistake they can make.  How can two people truly love each other if they are so emotionally damaged?

The notion that they can ‘learn’ from one another is flawed. The reality that they must first look inward and work on themselves.  They must take time to reflect on their mistakes, see counselors, work through unresolved issues and become emotionally stable adults before committing to a marriage.

Isn’t marriage supposed to be a respected and appreciated union to enter into? Brown and Rihanna are not only a bad example for how relationships should work, but they also trivialize love in the process.  Maybe it’s time we accept the reality that the Chris and Rihanna relationship saga is simply a case of two over-indulged and insecure people who have the emotional IQ of teenagers.

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