Daytime is heating up like never before. Everywhere you turn some new-notable is launching a weekday couch ride.  The most anticipated launch was Katie Couric‘s new show, Katie.  [Weekdays at 4PM on ABC 7] Aggressively jumping onto the scene with big guests Jessica Simpson, Chelsea Handler, Demi Lovato, Sophia Vergara and many more upcoming,  Katie also features fun stories like the dad behind “A Toy Train in Space.”


Couric seems to be having the time of her life and sharing personal stories about her from struggling with Bulimia to trying to convince her daughter the family hamster ‘got its hair dyed’ and wasn’t a replacement.  It was. When Katie called The Tommy Show things got very interesting as their chat sparked tons of laughs.  Katie confirmed, to Kelly and Jen’s disbelief that she’s “Twitter Friends” with Tommy.  To the embarrassment of all, Tommy once again invited Couric to the White House Correspondents Dinner. Did she say yes?


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