They don’t happen often, but when they do it’s epic.

After viewing one, we always walk away feeling much better about our own flaws and imperfections.

That’s right, I’m talking about celebrity meltdowns.

Much like a natural disaster, they’re inevitable and yet they always amuse surprise us. In lieu of crazy meltdowns past, present and future, we bring you, the top ten celebrity meltdowns.

10. Kanye West

Ah, Kanye. He’s like a savant: incredibly talented and horribly awkward socially. Who could forget his ‘OMG’ worthy stunt at the 2009 VMAs when he stole the mic from T. Swift mid acceptance speech to defend his best friend’s wife’s honor? If only we all had friends like that. Actually, no, that kinda sounds like a hassle.

*skip to :44 to see the award snatching!


9. Mariah Carey

This one is an oldie but goodie. How many of us remember how uncomfortable Carson Daly looked when Mariah stripped/ handed out popsicles on TRL? It was pretty weird, so naturally we just couldn’t turn away. If you don’t remember, it’s cool. We’ve got the footage below.


8. Michael Richards

This one is just super awkward. It’s hard to see a stand-up comic meltdown mid-performance, because you can’t tell when the joke stops and the crazy begins. Unless they start yelling out the N-word. Then it’s pretty clear the joke is over and the ‘OMG it’s 2006 I can’t believe he just said that’ surprise has set in.


7. Britney Spears

Does this really even need an explanation? I’ll give you a hint: it involved an umbrella, a baldhead, and a deranged singer. I think you can take it from here.


6. Charlie Sheen

No one else on this list has coined as many terms while publically melting down as Charlie Sheen. Kudos to you Sheen, #winning.


5. Teresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey

It’s so hard to be a real housewife of New Jersey.  Between all the lavish dinners, backstabbing friends, and catfights, it’s no wonder Theresa starts flipping tables in season 1.


4. Tom Cruise

Another infamous moment in TV history. The bouncing on the couch/giving Oprah a crazy death grip handshake meltdown of Tom Cruise. What makes it even more awkward? He and Katie Holmes are in the middle of a divorce.


3. Lindsay Lohan

So, it’s a bit hard to pin point one exact moment of craziness for miss Lohan. Basically the last 5 years have been one big meltdown.


2. Mel Gibson

It’s not uncommon to have a bad relationship with your ex.  It’s not even uncommon to leave nasty messages on their voicemail.  It is, however, super awkward when you’re famous and said ex records your foolish rants. Mel Gibson is serving a heaping portion of crazy in this convo with his ex.


1.Billie Joe Armstrong of Greenday

This is our most recent celebrity meltdown and, quite possibly, our most epic. Over the weekend Billie Joe freaks out on stage after seeing the one-minute marker for Greenday’s performance. It involves a lot of f-bombs, diligent guitar smashing and microphone chucking.


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