Fran Drescher from The Nanny fame says you could be poisoning your child with flame retardant every time you breastfeed.

On a call to promote her upcoming film, Hotel Transylvania, with the Tommy Show on 94.7 FRESH FM, the uterine cancer survivor quickly turned the  conversation to her organization Cancer Schmancer.

She says one of the major contributors to cancer is flame retardant, found in carpets, curtains and upholstered fabrics. That retardant is being absorbed by the body,  and those chemicals are causing developmental issues in children and cancer in adults.

“American women have the highest amount of flame retardant in their breast milk,” she says. “We’re selling these women that breast milk is the second coming. Breasts are like big sponges.”

She encourages nursing women to undergo a three-day test, which involves urinating into a vat to ensure they aren’t passing metals to their children.

She also suggests replacing traditional cosmetic products with holistic ones like virgin coconut oil, which she says can be used on everything from sautéing  vegetables to smearing on your body.



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