If you noticed two fighter jets [One Russian, One American] over the skies near 66 today, it wasn’t what it seemed.  In preparation for the Joint Services Open House and Air Show this weekend at Andrews Air Force Base Tommy McFLY took to the skies with Dragon Aviation for some high flying fun!


The sounds of the engines revving was like nothing I’d ever experienced. But, once the cockpit was sealed, inside the glass ceilinged metal bottomed chamber that was about to hurl us through the sky it all became surreal.  The inside of a FIGHTER JET smells mostly like bad-ass-ness with some hints of fuel and metal.  Suddenly, trying to remember all of the safety briefing, don’t touch the pedals, this-red-tab-releases-you-from-the-plane info all became secondary.  After all I was not planning on needing to be released from the plane and THE FIGHTER JET I WAS SITTING IN WAS ABOUT TO TAKE OFF!

The tower, or whomever gives FIGHTER JETS the go-ahead, maybe the President I don’t know, to hit it. As we jetted forward Jerry, my pilot radioed, “If you’re going to get sick, do it in your shirt.”  Until that moment the thought of getting sick admittedly had crossed my mind, a lot just the execution of it, hadn’t. We were off!  Gaining speed like nothing I’ve ever been a part of as we climbed above fields and buildings, and clouds.  Yep I was through the clouds, in a FIGHTER JET!
photo by: Brendan Kownacki
This once in a lifetime opportunity came about because of the Andrews Air Show happening this weekend.  Saturday and Sunday the whole family can experience thrilling shows from the Navy’s Blue Angels, the Army’s Golden Knights and the best of American aviation for FREE!  [DIRECTIONS – INFO – EXTRAS – HERE]  Awesome, will truly be in the Air as this weekend gets underway.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you, this is your last chance to experience the Joint Services Air Open House until 2014.
photo by: Brendan Kownacki
As the flight took turns … and flips … and barrel rolls … and loops … and dives I couldn’t help but think of the men and women who climb up into these rigs each day in combat, and in training to keep us safe.  Particularly as Memorial Day approaches this was a spectacular reminder of what dedication it takes to do what they do.    The feeling of sitting in the incubator like safety of the cockpit and watching the world literally whirl around was completely mind blowing.   On the ground Andy told us the motto of an airman was “if you lose their sight you lose your life.” Meaning when you no longer have a visual on the target … you’re dead!  We were only playing games, but getting in the mind set of a training exercise where the ground and the sky switch places gave a whole new respect for Team Dragon.



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