Can’t Beat Kelly: George Clooney, Hunger Games, and Nick Lachey

Kelly’s back with a vengeance. Did today’s listener beat Kelly?

The rules are simple: We’ll give you FIVE questions. We’ll give Kelly the same FIVE questions. If you get more questions right than Kelly, you win $100. We will give you a dozen of our special Georgetown Cupcakes for just playing.

1.     A very pregnant Jessica Simpson‘s show Fashion Star debuts tonight,  but she got her small screen start on a reality show with her now ex husband. What’s his name?

2.     Jennifer Lawrance, star of the upcoming Hunger Games trilogy, denies that she has been feuding with Kristen Stewart, who stars in which teen series?  

3.     George Clooney who’s going to be in town tomorrow night, says his girlfriend Stacey Keibler is perfect for him in everyway, raising speculation they maybe looking to get pregnant. What is Stacy’s job?

 4.     A fake movie poster for a Disney biopic is circulating with Ryan Gosling as Walt.  What Disney TV show did Ryan get his start on?

5.     Julia Roberts doesn’t let her kids see her films yet…even the upcoming Disney film Mirror, Mirror.  What character does she play in the upcoming SNOW WHITE film?

Want to go up against Kelly for your shot to win $100? Give us a call at 877-947-0947 every morning right around 7:10!


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