The Salahis are back! We know they have been selling their wines [with more than a few bumps], after  now they trade in bubbly for house hold cleansers. What was meant to be a gathering of young political players, a smattering of media and readers of DC’s best independent InfoTainment site was ignited by smartphone flashes as America’s Most Uninvited Guests and Australian Spokesmodel Adam Whittaker [in a suit with shorts – it’s a real thing] crashed yet another Washington DC function tonight. This time they have a lame yet indecent proposal for the White House…

FamousDC and Roll Call hosted a private happy hour for their readers and friends on the rooftop of Cava Mezze [on 8th Street SE] to get ready for an anticipated recess on the Hill.  According to an eyewitness when the intern posted up at the door to check people off the guest list left their post for a few moments, Michaele Salahi, husband Tareq, and a half-dozen person crew stormed the door.

[pullquote quote=”We have no idea how they got there, besides by foot or pedicab, but given the recent debt talks, it’s not surprising those two would come crash our party looking for free drinks.” credit=”-Joshua Shultz, FamousDC”]They made their way to the packed roof with camcorders, sound equipment, and what looked like a herd of photogs-for-hire.  They were cagey about what they were doing there and what they were shooting for, but one thing was for sure, they were not invited.  #OldHabits  Although, Tareq told the Washington Examiner that they did not crash.

There are so many questions: What were they taping? A women with the crew was asking people to sign a photo release which spies told us came from an advertising and PR firm [Euro RSCGin — wait for it — Australia. Are the Salahis working on a special project down under? They were in kangaroo country for some horseplay in 2010 perhaps that is where they met Short-Suit-Whittaker and the makers of Vanish NapiSan. 

Vani NapiWhat?  Apparently it’s some sort of Southern Hemisphere cleaning wipe [no word if it cleans counterclockwise], but their spokesman Whittaker is in town to make a mess. #Ironic

Still Lost? Check out this video, in which the company behind Vanish Crystal White is going to offer the White House $25 million for naming rights to the American executive mansion.  Get it?  A clean White House?  Whacka Whacka Whacka!  So they’ve clearly called in the experts when it comes to making a mockery of our White House. Is that Treason? Probably not. Tacky? Absolutley.

Naturally I took the opportunity to ask Michaele the burning question we’ve had on our mind since inviting her to perform the “new single”  on The Tommy Show: How much is the fee that her ‘people’ asked us to pay for the ‘performance?’  [VIDEO]

That man at the end of the video is Howard Nelson Cromwell Jr. who among other things ‘reps’ the Salahis – said they would make a performance happen.  We’ll be over here, holding our breath.

Comments (8)
  1. DCGirl says:

    Showing all of her 45 years, but dressing like a junior high student. She clearly forgot to put on something…she forgot her fake boobs, the cover-up for those big legs and cankles. What’s up with the straw hair; you can see where the fakery begins there. I’m surprised she doesn’t wear a neck brace by the way she flings those horrible locks back and forth. Oh, she’s sooooo important, and so special. Her mouth was certain open a lot; so she was definitely lying. No way do we want to hear that ‘song;’ it’s so bad, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I wonder if she will wear that dress to Court next week for the lawsuit against them for fraud. Oh, and don’t forget the other Court date in September. She will have to come up with yet another outfit. I wonder, will those same cameras be following them there? Sounds like a great idea to me….

  2. Lizette says:

    Embarassing the White House and the Country wasn’t enough the first time? Now sharing face time with a Model shooting a PR solicitation to the White House for a cleaning product at one of the most critical times in the history of our Country. Sounds like some halfbrained scheme thing the Salahis would be involved with!

  3. sunnylady says:

    Lizette and DC Girl…love your comments..they are spot on. Oh, pardon me, shouldn’t say spot on…crazy Michelle may show up.

  4. James says:

    Howard Nelson Cromwell Jr. aka DJ UPS

    1. Samuel Bronkowitz says:

      You are mistaken. Howard is not MC UPS. Howard is someone who wants to be important so he dresses up in costumes, gussies up his hair, and acts like a woman. He is very important in his own mind.

  5. Samuel Bronkowitz says:

    Michelle Salami has been avoiding Tommy and clearly rejecting his requests to perform her “song” on his radio show. Tripping on her heroin like high because a camera is pointed at her she shows her authentic fakeness by acting like he is her best friend using her signature catch phrase that demonstrates her disingenuousness, “I love you Tommy” when really she would just as soon as spit in his face and walk away. But with the camera rolling she flashes those oversized teeth that could eat corn on the cob through a chicken wire fence, flicks that hair around like a nervous junior high school girl looking for her escape so she can return to posing for the camera phones trying to catch a glimpse of the carnival act that she is.

  6. Ugh! So gross. And they seem to drink to drink their own Kool-Aid. I think they actually believe they look like important celebrities. Look in the mirror! A 45-year-old woman in a Forever 21 dress, the worst extensions I have ever seen in the worse bleach job I’ve seen north of Alabama. They look like hayseeds lost in DC. Except they are not lost. They are uninvited guests. They are ALWAYS the uninvited guests.

    Earth to the Salahis: If people wanted you around, they would INVITE you to their events. But they DON’T invite you. Real celebrities do not have to sneak and connive their way in.

  7. Adam says:

    So let me get this straight. An Australian Corporation wants to sell their cleaning products in the US and they want use the White House, one of our national symbols, in a commercial. Spokeman Whittaker is publically offering a $25 mil BRIBE to Congress. Further Whittaker crashes a DC event with Michaele and Tareq Salahi, who embarassed the nation, the White House and the Secret Service with their own crash of a White House State Dinner several years ago. Salahis are somehow involved with this whole PR stunt. Reckitt Benckiser (the Australian Corp.) and their spokesman pick one of the most crucial times in the history of this country to launch this PR BS. Are they crazy?

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