Last Night notorious Hollywood Hot Head Sean Penn has another outburst outside of a Washington DC club.

[photogallerylink id=45969 align=left] True Story. Just before 2AM on Sunday Morning I was leaving the brand-new-multi-level-steakhouse-and-bumpin-night-spot Lost Society [14th + U Street NW] when the most random celebrity encounter went down.  While waiting for some friends outside a man walked past with an odd cast of characters.  It was Sean Penn.

seanpenn2 For Future Reference: Sean Penn Hates Having His Picture Taken!

[pullquote quote=”This is Not a F*****G Zoo!” credit=”-Sean Penn”] I actually said out loud “Whoa that’s Sean Penn.” Naturally my reflex was to take a pic. This is where I learned Sean Penn does not like to have his picture taken. He looked right at me and said “This is Not a F*****G Zoo!”  To which I replied, “I just wanted to shake your hand and say hello.”  Then Sean Penn said “I’ll shake your hand when I put you in the hospital.”   It’s unclear what made him quite so grumpy.  The line was moving. He was with not Scarlett  a pretty girl. Perhaps he was very hot? It was 89 degrees last night and he was wearing what I’m sure was a nice suit that had been through a night of goodness knows what.  Witnesses inside speculated about his state of soberness. I’m not making assumptions.  Lynda Erkiletian, our favorite Real Housewife of DC, tweeted in Penn’s defense THERealLyndaDC @TommyMcFLY he’s not normally like that. What did you do Mr McFly? 😕 - What we do know is this is not a zoo and Sean Penn does not like his picture taken.

Comments (4)
  1. Robert says:

    He obviously did not realize he was dealing with Tommy McFly. He missed a chance to make a great impression on the audience of DC’s newest #1 music morning show! His loss!

  2. xxAngie says:

    hilarious tommy boy!! wtg!

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