“Up” Movie House For Sale! Pictures!

up4 Up Movie House For Sale!  Pictures!

By: Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

Mr. Fredricksen would be proud!

For $399,000 you could live in an exact replica of Mr. Fredricksen’s house from the Disney/Pixar movie, Up!  Builders in Herriman Township, UT outside of Salt Lake City designed the 4BR 3.5BA house as closely as they could to the animated movie version. There’s a duplicate weathervane on the roof, the colors match and there’s even a portrait of “Paradise Falls” hanging over the mantle.

What was their motivation?  A portion of the proceeds will go to the Make A Wish Foundation.  Very nice!

This is one of my very favorite Pixar films but I don’t think I want to relocate to Utah to live in the house.  Put it near a beach and maybe I’ll reconsider…

The Daily Mail has the pictures HERE!

-Kristie McIntyre


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