Michael Lohan dishes that the Salahis squatted in his apartment while filming VH1’s Celebrity Rehab on the Tommy Show this morning.

Jen Richer


7/1/11 UPDATE: The Washington Examiner reports that Tareq Salahi denied Lohan’s allegations. Salahi said he only stayed three days and the apartment wasn’t Lohan’s to begin with.  He also produced what he said was a hand-written note from Lohan, which Salahi believed got him off the hook for having to pay rent.

[photogallerylink id=43352 align=left]WASHINGTON — Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan‘s father, revealed that the White House crashers squatted in his apartment while Michaele Salahi and Lohan were filming VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. Lohan was on The Tommy Show to promote VH1’s fifth season of Celebrity Rehab on Sunday nights at 9pm. 

Michael Lohan said he offered Tareq Salahi his home so he could be close to his wife, Michaele Salahi during filming.

“Michelle is an amazing lady, I think she has a lot to offer, unfortunatly I think her husband is controlling… he wanted to be around her the entire time she was filming,” Lohan told the Tommy Show on 94.7 FRESH FM.

After Tareq failed to pay the rent after the first month, Lohan and his staff had to ask him to leave.

“Lindsay had just designed a clothing line and some of her stuff was still in the closet, and I had some very expensive jewelry in the house. Just by the way Tareq was acting, I was afraid he would steal it,” Lohan said.

Finances have been at the helm of Salahi buzz after several Washington businesses came forward with unpaid invoices.

‘Before Celebrity Rehab, I had lunch with [the Salahis] in Georgetown. He treated me to lunch, I didn’t know what financial position they were in until after they told me at the lunch,” he said. “I thought ‘oh my God’ I hope his credit card goes through.”

Tareq and Michaele Salahi made national news when they made it through several layers of White House security to sneak into a state dinner the President was holding for India in 2009.

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