salahi rehab AN OPEN INVITATION to Michaele Salahi!

By: Mark Wilson

At 94.7 Fresh FM we always like to shine the spotlight on the “Fresh Faces” in music … With open arms we invite Michaele Salahi in to perform her new single [Bump It] LIVE on the Tommy Show!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Tommy McFLY has been a rather honest critic of Michaele and Tareq Salahi [here] [here] and [here] but with the recent announcement of Michaele’s singing career [inspired by Oprah] we would warmly welcome a LIVE performance of “Bump It” on The Tommy Show – one of DC’s Afternoon Drive Radio Programs. Tommy and Michaele’s past hasn’t been all rocky, they’ve hung out … once and they used to work at the same radio-station-group in Scranton PA, just at different times. We’ll tell that story on-the-air.  With people criticizing that the single is 100% studio fabricated and processed this would make for a great platform to prove the Nation’s Capital and the world wrong.  What do you say Missy?

Comments (4)
  1. Samuel Bronkowitz says:

    Would love to have her publicly humiliated. Yes Michelle – sing live – in public you raspy – smoker voiced – talentless – charity scamming – family business embezzling – fame whore. Make sure you leave your auto-tune at home. We want to experience the real richness of your voice

  2. Samuel Bronkowitz says:

    Not only is she deluded and narcissistic….she is a liar as pointed out by
    “Winfrey’s rep tells Gossip Cop, “Oprah briefly met Ms. Salahi backstage at the Kennedy Center after an Oprah Show taping in January 2009. However, there’s absolutely no truth to the report that they discussed Ms. Salahi’s vocal abilities.””

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